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Industrial Collaboration

Institute of Industrial Technology of Kolmar

SKKU College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering has an arrangement with the Institute of Industrial Technology of Kolmar for industrial collaboration. The Arrangement mainly contains academic research cooperation to conduct Bio-Material research. Kolmar began as an original equipment manufacturer, introduced and established the new business model called ODM network, and made a ceaseless effort to develop the high tech fields of its own pharmaceutical and functional health food manufacturing. From the beginning of the arrangement, each college and institute is expected to mutually exchange their research results and invest in research facilities to take a lead in the Bio-Cosmetic industry.

SKKU College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering made an agreement with Digitaloptics for academic & industrial research collaboration. The purpose of this agreement is to conduct research, cooperate technically for bio-material, collaborate for developing health functioning food and cosmetics and hold a meeting to read research papers. Digitaloptics is specialized in optical technology and a leading company in manufacturing mobile phone cameras, digital cameras and vehicle-mounted cameras.

LS Mtron

To promote academic research and business cooperation, SKKU College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering made an agreement with LS Mtron for overall industrial collaboration. LS Mtron is an advancing company in industrial machinery and high-tech components, manufacturing industrial machines and hightech machine parts. The arrangement contains  joint research plans for core technology development and mutual investment to research facilities. Especially, through this arrangement, LS Mtron agreed to invest $260,000 in SKKU research facilities.